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Twin Ring Motegi TOPNotice

Notice on the reopening of Twin Ring Motegi and continuous implementation of safety measures focused on the protection from novel coronavirus infection and prevention of the further spread of COVID-19 (Updated 1st July, 2020)

Mobilityland Corporation, the operator of Twin Ring Motegi, has decided to shift its gear to the reopening, under the condition that strict safety measures will continue to be enforced to protect the visiting guests and staff members from novel coronavirus infection as well as to prevent the resurgence of this pandemic even after the park starts resuming the operation of many of its facilities.

■Key preventative measures against COVID-19 that will continue to be enforced even after reopening

  • All guests (Ages 3 and over) will be requested to wear and keep their mask on at all times while they are in the park.

    ・To prevent you from the risk of heat stroke, you may take off your mask if you are feeling hot while you are in the outdoors, if you can maintain an adequate physical distance (at least 2 meters apart) from others around you.

  • All visitors entering the park through the North or South Gate will be asked to cooperate with body temperature check.

    ・Those found to have a temperature of 37.5°C (or 99.5°F) or higher will be restricted from entering the park.

    ・Likewise, the visitors who are not feeling well (who are coughing frequently, suffering a sense of weariness, finding difficulty breathing, etc.) and visitors from abroad who have come to Japan less than 14 days ago will also be restricted from entering the park.

2020 FIM Trial World Championship Round 2 STRIDER Japan Grand Prix is Cancelled

The 2020 FIM Trial World Championship Round 2 STRIDER Japan Grand Prix was originally scheduled on June 6th and 7th, 2020 has been considered to postpone the event, however Mobilityland has come to the conclusion that the event should be cancelled.

Given the circumstances of the pandemic and measures taken by Japan and countries around the world to prevent the spread of coronavirus - including travel restrictions and the FIM's policy of re-establishing the series focusing in Europe-, after careful consideration we decided to cancel this year's event.
We know that this is a great disappointment for everyone involved but we greatly appreciate your understanding.

Kaoru Tanaka, President, Mobilityland Corporation
Mobilityland has been preparing for this year's Trial World Championship STRIDER Japan Grand Prix. Large-scale events however are banned not only in Japan but also in Europe and we expect travel restrictions will be extended further. In light of the current situation around the world FIM, MFJ and Mobilityland reached the decision to cancel the Japan Grand Prix.
We understand that this is a great disappointment for fans and all related parties. We thank you for your understanding.