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3DAYS OF Non-Stop Excitement

3DAYS of Non-Stop Excitement waking up every morning with 10,000 other fans! What is Over Night Square?

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    Over Night Square is the only place in Japan where all the fans of Twin Ring Motegi MotoGP™ can gather during the MotoGP™ races and talk all night about the race until the morning hours.
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    Enjoy local wild Ayu (sweet fish) and eel, unique and delicious foods in Motegi.
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    Just like at the European grand prix races, you can also camp out or sleep in your own car being totally immersed in the three-days of MotoGP™ races.
Date 19 to 20 October 2018
Time 18:00-24:00
Fee Free
Parking Area For 5,000 cars
MotoGP™ Over Night Square Area MAP
Circular Bus Stop for Nozomi-no-YuCircular Bus Stop for Nozomi-no-Yu
Drinking WaterDrinking Water
Mobile Phone Chargers (for power only)Mobile Phone Chargers (for power only)
Seven-Eleven Temporary OutpostSeven-Eleven Temporary Outpost
Vending MachinesVending Machines
Gourmet AreaGourmet Area
An outpost of Seven Eleven Nasu Karasuyama Chuo Branch will be open for service at OVER NIGHT SQUARE.

Products on Sale : Light Meals, Beverages, Snacks, Overnight Amenities, Mobile Chargers and Daily Necessities
* Cash only. Credit cards and electronic money (including redeeming nanaco points) are not accepted.

What is Katarai (chat) Area?

Katarai Area, is a space amidst the nature surrounding Twin Ring Motegi where you can relax and enjoy conversations with your friends on MotoGP™ over local drinks and food specialties of Tochigi which are offered at OVER NIGHT SQUARE.
* Please help us keep it quiet after 24:00, so that others can rest. Thank you.

What a Resting Area?

This is an area for people to relax and recover, so that people can enjoy viewing the next day. We ask that you turn off your engines after 22:00 to respect others staying in the area.

V Corner Oasis

This is a new area to enjoy viewing from V corner seats during the day staying at the either the Camp Area or N5 Stay Area. And you can get away from kids and enjoy your night hours at V Corner Oasis or Over Night Square.

V Corner Oasis V Corner Oasis V Corner Oasis V Corner Oasis

Watching Movies at Overnight Square!

How about watching movies with a gourmet meal lit by bonfire under a night sky?
Enjoy watching movies surrounded by nature at Twin Ring Motegi!

Date 20 October 2018
Time 21:00-



A special space born in the back of a truck

This mobile and hip, EL CAMION, serves craft beer in a bar set up in the freight space of an imported fully-customized American trailer truck. In this up-scale space you can enjoy craft beer sourced directly from T.Y. HARBOR, a restaurant located in Tennoz Isle, Tokyo with its own brewery.
Click here for EL CAMION homepage>>


Enjoy local wild Ayu (sweet fish) and eel, delicious and fresh

Shimanto River in the West and Naka River in the East are one of the few rivers left in Japan untouched by human intervention. And at OVER NIGHT SQUARE the flavorful smoke coming out of Moritajo-yana, a 150 year old establishment, will entice hungry visitors as they grill the salt-sprinkled Ayu and eels dipped in a special sauce that are caught from the Naka River.

Utsunomiya Cocktail Club

Utsunomiya Cocktail Club
Serious Cocktails by Meticulous Bartenders

Many winners of the National Cocktail Skills Championships belong to the Utsunomiya Cocktail Club. And here at the Over Night Square you can enjoy the serious cocktails brought to you by these meticulous bartenders.
Utsunomiya Cocktail Club homepage >>

Noodle Kaze-no-Mori

Noodle Kaze-no-Mori
Highly recommended is the rich and tasty Ramen Noodles in pork bone stock with Seared Roasted Pork

Famous ramen shop from Utsunomiya "Menkobo Kaze-no-Mori" will set up their shop again this year. The soup stock is mild and smooth with the flavorful umami taken from the pork bones. Offered will be a bowl filled with exquisite taste created for you by the owner.
Noodle Kaze-no-Mori homepage >>

Sandwich Cafe

Sandwich Cafe
Wide variety of menus from home-made roast beef sandwich to fruit-filled cream sandwich

Sandwich Cafe Dream, a sandwich specialty shop with a popular line-up of menus offering you top quality ingredients and taste. Preparing you limited offerings of menus that you are surely to enjoy.
Sandwich Cafe homepage >>

* Participating Food and Beverage as well as Convenience stores may change.



Opening Hours Extended for MotoGP™ Japan Grand Prix

The indoor bath has a view looking over a wide expanse of tamed forests. You can see the sky full of stars at night from the open air bath.
Please use the free circular bus operating on schedule aligned with the extended opening hours for Nozomi-no-Yu.
* Guests using the South Gate Parking area can also use this Circular Bus for Nozomi-no-Yu.

19 Oct 11:00 -23:00
20 Oct 7:00-9:00 / 11:00-22:30
* Men's open until 25:00 (planned)
21 Oct 6:00-9:30 / 11:00-18:00
Access On-Property Free Loop Bus "Nozomi-no Yu" (PDF) >>
Price Adult 650 yen
Child (3 to 15 year's old) 350 yen

* Entry only until 30 minutes before closing.
* Please arrive by the free circular bus. Private cars are not allowed.
* Expect heavy crowd for men's bath until 23:00 on 20 October (Sat).
* Depending on the number of guests waiting to bathe we may control or suspend entries to the building even during operation hours.

Shiki Saikan

Shiki Saikan
Rejuvenate yourself and feel relaxed throughout

Soak yourself in an open-air baths looking out on to the magnificent view of Mount Gozen and feel relaxed after a long day of race viewing.
Click here for Shiki Saikan homepage>>
How to get to Shiki Saikan>>

Michi-no-Eki stop in Haga: Roman-no-Yu

Michi-no-Eki stop in Haga: Roman-no-Yu
Feeling of open space looking out on to the Nikko mountain range

The open-air bath made of stone materials gives you a spacious feel, where you can see as far as Nikko mountain range on clear days. The water warms your body to the core and your skin becomes smooth and silky, making you feel great when you come out.
Click here to Haga Roman-no-Yu homepage>>

Ichikai Onsen

Ichikai Onsen
Enjoy soaking in 6 different baths

This is an onsen facility complete with 6 baths, so you can enjoy the type of bath you prefer. Also, we have a large Japanese tatami-room as well as smaller ones for smaller groups, so that everyone from the elderly to big families can relax and spend their leisure time together.
Click here for Ichikai Onsen homepage>>


Enjoy soaking and feel relaxed in an onsen surrounded by nature

Hororu-no-Yu lies next to the Fujii River Dam and is enjoyed by a wide range of guests from families to the elderly. We have spacious inner baths, open-air bath, resting area and also various other facilities for multi-purpose uses that are very popular.
Click here for Hororu-no-Yu homepage>>

* Kindly note that our products and services offered are subject to change without advance notice.
* All the prices are listed in the tax-inclusive rate.
* Pictures and drawings used here are just an example.