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How to get a ticket at convenience store.

Moto GP tickets can be purchased at Seven Eleven stores throughout Japan until Friday, 19 October 2018.

To purchase the tickets please proceed to the ticketing machine (Multi-copier Machine) inside the store and follow the instructions on the touch panel screen. The screen will be in Japanese only, so please follow the easy STEPs described below.

Buying Ticket with Loppi (LAWSON)
Buying Ticket with SEVEN Ticket (Seven-Eleven)


Select this red button (チケット) on the initial touch screen menu of the Multi-copier Machine.


Select this green button (セブンチケット(スポーツ・イベント・演劇・音楽・レジャー・映画前売券)).


Select this orange button (セブンコード検索).

STEP 4 : Enter Code for MotoGP™

Enter the セブンコード (Seven Code) field and then press OK. This is the code for MotoGP™.

STEP 5 : Select Event

Select the event you want to view. The screen will only display the MotoGP™ event, so select the option that is displayed.

STEP 6 : Seat Selection(指定席)

Select viewing and/or parking tickets from the options.

· 観戦券 / Viewing Tickets
· 2輪駐車券 / Motorbike Parking
· 4輪駐車券 / 4W Parking
· V2席(指定席) / V2 seats(reserved)
· V2席 マルク・マルケス応援席(指定席) / V2 M.Marquez Fan Seats(reserved)
· V3席(指定席) / V3 seats(reserved)
· V3席 ロッシオフィシャルファンクラブグッズ付きシート(指定席) / V3 V.Rossi official Fan Seats(reserved)
· V3席 中上貴晶選手応援席(指定席) / V3 T.Nakagami Fan Seats(reserved)
· V4席(指定席) / V4 seats(reserved)
· V5 ドゥカティ応援席(指定席) / V5 Ducati seats(reserved)
· V6席(指定席) / V6 seats(reserved)
· V6席 MICHELIN応援席(指定席) / V6 MICHELIN seats(reserved)
· V6席 KTM応援席(指定席) / V6 KTM seats(reserved)
· V6席 aprilia応援席(指定席) / V6 aprilia seats(reserved)
· A席 / A seats(reserved seats)
· G席 / G seats(reserved seats)
· Z席 / Z seats(reserved seats)
· Z席 バレンティーノ・ロッシ応援席 / Z seats Valentino Rossi Fan Seats
· V字コーナー席 / V-corner seats(reserved seats)
· A席ファミリーセット券 / A seats Family Set Ticket
· G席ファミリーセット券 / G seats Family Set Ticke
· パドックパス19日(金)練習 / Paddock Pass 19th (FRI) Practice
· パドックパス20日(土)予選 / Paddock Pass 20th (SAT) Preliminary
· パドックパス21日(日)決勝 / Paddock Pass 21st (SUN) Finals
· ピットウォークパス19日(金)練習 / Pit Walk Pass 19th (FRI) Practice
· ピットウォークパス20日(土)予選 / Pit Walk Pass 20th (SAT) Preliminary
· ピットウォークパス21日(日)決勝 / Pit Walk Pass 21st (SUN) Finals
· ピットウォークパス / Kids' Pit Walk Pass
· 5コーナー激感エリア19日(金)練習 / Pivotal Turn 5 Area 19h (FRI) Practice
· 5コーナー激感エリア20日(土)予選 / Pivotal Turn 5 Area 20th (SAT) Preliminary
· 5コーナー激感エリア21日(日)決勝 / Pivotal Turn 5 Area 21st (SUN) Finals
· バスライドパーキング / Bus Ride Parking

STEP 7 : Ticket Quantity

Specify the number of tickets you want with the buttons in orange
to decrease (▼減らす) or to increase (▲増やす).

The amount (JP¥) will be updated accordingly. Select OK when completed.

STEP 8 : Review Purchase Details.

The type(s) of ticket selected will be displayed with the total amount in JP¥. Select OK after review.

Credit cards are also accepted.

STEP 9 : Enter Your Name

Enter just モテギ in both 姓 and 名 fields in blue, using the button keyboard below the fields.

STEP 10 : Enter Mobile Number

Enter your Japan mobile phone number.
If you do not have one, then enter 0285640001. When completed select OK.

STEP 11 : Payment

The machine will print out a pay-in slip. Please pay using this slip at the cashier within 30 minutes. The ticket(s) will be issued to you in exchange.

Note: The slip is NOT your ticket. The ticket itself will be handed to you by the cashier upon payment. Please be aware of this.

This concludes the ticket purchasing process using the Seven Ticket system at Seven Eleven.

* Kindly note that our products and services offered are subject to change without advance notice.
* All the prices are listed in the tax-inclusive rate.
* Pictures and drawings used here are just an example.