Twin Ring Motegi


Admission and Parking Fees

Admission and Parking Fees

Twin Ring Motegi TOPAdmission and Parking Fees

Admission and Parking Fees

Last Updated December 28, 2018

(Ages 15 and up)
(Ages 6-14)
(Ages 3-5)
1,000 yen 500 yen 300 yen
Automobile Motorcycle
1,000 yen 500 yen

Fee for races and events

Admission and Parking fee for who will not be watching the races during an event or a race period is below. MOBI PARK, HELLOWOODS and Honda Collection Hall can be entered during the racing period when the admission and parking fee below are paid (Firework Festivals is excluded).

* Fee for races and events information will be announced as soon as details are decided.

Attraction fee information

Passport elementary school students and up infant
(3years old to elementary)
Price 2,800 yen 1,500 yen

One passport per person.
* Tickets for 'Mega Zip Line TSUBASA' are available but quantity is limited.
* During times of congestion, tickets for rides are numbered and they may run out.
* There are some use restrictions such as height/age for some attractions.

Attraction ticket 1,000 yen's worth of tickets
(100 yen x 10 tickets)
3,500 yen's worth of tickets
(100 yen x 35 tickets)
Price 1,000 yen 3,000 yen
You save 500 yen!

* Not available at the time of the various discounts and Kart Land tickets purchased.